Expertise & Skills

We work at several level of the automotive V-model


Infotainment systems

  • Connectivity
  • Integrated web server and web browser
  • Audio framework
  • Security
  • File Integrity Scanner
  • CarPlay integration
  • Android Auto integration
  • System configuration
  • Diagnosis


  • Security
  • GUI

Telematic systems

  • Over-The-Air update
  • Security
  • Emergency call
  • Audio framework

Autonomous driving systems

  • Autonomous parking assistant systems
  • On-board services
  • Car driving mobile apps


Programming languages:

  • C, C++, Java, C#

Operating Systems:

  • WindRiver Linux / Yocto platform
  • AUTOSAR-compliant OS
  • Android Automotive
  • VxWorks

IPC: (V)MOST, D-Bus, CommonAPI

Graphic frameworks: Qt, glib

Architecture management tools: Enterprise Architect

Requirement management tools: Rational Doors

Agile software development process:

  • Adaptive Software Development
  • Scrum
  • Feature Driven Development Cross-compilation: gcc, autotools, cmake, …

Source debuggers: gdb

Configuration management tools: ClearCase, Git, Svn

Browser engines: NetFront, WebKit, SQL*

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