Case History

Here are some examples of applications created

Parcel Sorting Software: DSP (Driven Sorting Parcel).

Client: Siemens Spa.

Program for the manual sorting of parcels and registered mail in the postal sector. The application communicates with a Datalogic camera to read the barcodes on parcels / registered mail and, based on the information read, sorting.

The DSP is also a server to which you can connect mobile devices that receive the information of the exit.

The DSP was developed in WPF / C # while the applications on the Zebra terminal in Android; the database is MySQL.

Parcel Sorting Software: Videocoding.

Client: Siemens Spa.

The program is part of the sorter for sorting parcels; when the system does not recognize the fate of a package, the images are sent to dedicated PCs where the images of the package are displayed and it will be up to the operator to decide their fate.

The vision code system then communicates with the cameras and with the application that manages the sorter.
Software made in technology C#.

Logistics Software: Program on Zebra mobile devices.

Client: Siemens Spa

Implementation of new functions and porting on new hardware from Zebra MC70 to MC75 and later to MC67, of the software of the terminals assigned to SDA couriers for the management of deliveries.

Software made in technology C#.

Industrial Automation Software: Engine Test.

The software is located at the end of the assembly line for heavy vehicle engines and takes care of evaluating their correct construction. The program communicates with the control unit and makes the engine perform a series of operating cycles.

The software is installed at the FPT factories in Bourbon Lancy (France) and Chongquing (China)

Software made in C #.

Thermotechnical Software: Duct sizing

Developed on behalf of a leading Software House in the thermotechnology sector.

The program allows the 3D CAD drawing of the air ducts and their sizing according to the current European standard. There is also a module for calculating all-air systems (summer or winter) and primary air (summer or winter)

Software made in VB.NET, C ++.

Logistics Software: Label printing.

Client: Siemens Spa.

Labeling management program for internal parcels at the Italian post office.
Ballancing of the machine load and export of the print layout to various digital formats.

Software developed in technology on a MySQL database.

Thermotechnical software: thermohygrometric verification

Developed on behalf of a leading Software House in the thermotechnology sector.

Condensation propagation simulation in building structures, study and implementation of calculation algorithms, database management of materials and structures that can be modified and updated by the user, visualization of graphs of temperature and pressure distributions in the structure layers, printing of reports according to regulations .

Software made in C ++.

Thermotechnical Software: Sizing of thermal systems

Developed on behalf of a leading Software House in the thermotechnology sector.

The software optimally solves the graphic input and diagram visualization phases (3D view with the possibility of changing the angle of view).

Furthermore, during the calculation phase, the designer with a few initial parameters provides the program with the information necessary to make the best dimensional choices relating to both traditional and floor systems.

Software made in C ++.

Management Software: Management of fabric color baths

Client: Primary company in the textile sector.

Participation in a development team for the creation of a software that is responsible for carrying out the calculations and technical processing reports for the dye of the various types of fabrics, management of the catalog of the company’s colors and fabrics.

Software developed in Delphi technology on DB IBM DB2 support.

Management Software: Advertising “Barriers” management.

Client: IPAS / SIPEA S.p.a

The software is responsible for acquiring the location maps of the advertising systems through a CAD and for storing the identification data of the system and customers in the DB2 Database on AS400; Through a Web interface, the Customer can dynamically view the location of the advertising systems, any availability status or the related existing commercial contract on national road maps and city maps.

Furthermore, through an easy-to-consult online intranet administrative interface, authorized agents and collaborators can carry out queries and extrapolate statistical data useful for their commercial work.

Software made in Visual C ++ / Auto CAD.

Industrial Automation Software: Production progress control with RFID.
Client: leading company in the clothing sector.

The system monitors production progress within a zoned assembly line. The system consists of a management interface (Microsoft Reporting Services) that allows easy control of the production progress of orders, and an embedded device that identifies semi-finished products, machines and users via RFID.

Software made in C #.

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