Easy Form PDF

EasyForm PDF: Dematerialisation of paper records by Zirak Mobile

Functional and Flexible: the easiest way to fill in documents via Tablet instead of using paper forms.

The ability to load forms already in use at the company allows you to greatly reduce start-up and learning time, while the ease and immediacy of use make this tool ideal for everyday work.

Areas of use: multiple, for example:

  • Filling in of work reports,
  • Drafting of work/maintenance reports,
  • Drawing up of contractual forms,
  • Filling in of general types of forms…
The use of industrial tablets enables the application to be used even in production environments and in particularly difficult conditions.

Cost reduction: the tool has been designed to make it easy to collect data, even by inexperienced personnel. Moreover, the procedure eliminates the duplication of tasks, saving time and costs: just fill in the digital form and the data will be automatically transferred to the management system.

Management of information: the program also provides for the possibility of setting up a WorkFlow management to ensure that the form is viewed/validated by qualified and/or authorised personnel before being sent to the customer or archived permanently.

Key Features


The system allows you to use the forms already present and known in the company without having to introduce new ones, with all the problems this entails in terms of learning by the operators.

Furthermore, it will always be possible to modify, replace or add new forms.

Filling in:

The forms are based on PDF standards and include a series of editable fields.

  • Text fields: useful for entering text and/or alpha-numeric strings; limitations can be set on the number of characters.
  • Numeric fields: for entering numeric strings; limitations can be set on the number of characters.
  • Date/time fields: for entering date and time with guided input.
  • Check buttons: multiple (checkbox) or unique (radio button).
  • Signature fields: possibility to insert signatures drawn and preloaded in the system, or to affix or have the signature written directly on the tablet screen by hand or with a capacitive stylus pen.
  • Stamp fields: possibility to insert a company stamp underlying the signature
  • Handwriting: this particular feature allows you to write text in dedicated spaces using your finger or a special pen, or to insert handwritten notes anywhere on the form.
Workflow Management

The system can manage different validation procedures, from the simplest with a single type of user, to the most complex with different types of authorised users, from those responsible for uploading the forms to those who manage the approval, archiving and/or sending of completed documents to the customer.

The rules for moving between the different stages can be customised.

A series of verification tools allows you to control the process and gradually validate the loading of forms.

Access to the application is subject to a login procedure.

A system administrator will be able to load the users authorised to access the application, granting them the relevant permissions and areas of action, e.g. access to certain forms will only be allowed to some users who in turn will have different tasks and responsibilities.

Base data

The application features a series of base data that can be synchronised with the management system: customer base data, maintenance workers’ base data, etc.

Synchronisation can take place in both directions, from the management system to the application for the data already in the archive, and from the application to the management system for the new data being loaded.

Saving and archiving

The form can be saved:

  • in draft mode, even partially filled in, so that they can be retrieved and subsequently modified or completed,
  • in approval mode to be sent to supervisors who need to sign the form before it is archived.
  • in non-editable mode, freezing the form so that it can no longer be modified.
Sending and sharing documents

Completed and frozen forms can be sent to different recipients: customers, external supervisors, etc.
The sharing method can be customised, from a simple e-mail to saving on an external repository via FTP.

Data extrapolation in SQL/XLS format

All the data entered in the form can be exported in SQL or CSV format (or in a customised record format). The procedure can be automated by saving the data in a database available for future analysis.

The data can be exported directly to the customer’s management system.

Form layout

The forms can be created using a simple PDF editor by the customer;
alternatively, you can provide us with your forms in any format (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel) and we will generate the PDF FORM for you.

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