Sales force management on tablet

App2Sales is an application designed by Zirak Mobile for iPad and Android, and aims to offer a tool for the sales network that is flexible, always up to date, visually stunning and works off-line.

Functional and Flexible: through the mobility ensured by the tablet, the salesman will have with him all the relevant information for his sales activities, contained in a very handy device as well as lightweight, with high-impact graphics.

Up to date: using a synchronization system, scheduled according to the needs of the customer, all the information will be more transfered in both directions server / management – tablet and vice versa.

Visual impact: to present a product or a catalog in a tablet has an impact far greater than the use of traditional instruments such as cards or PC. In fact you can view the multimedia objects (photo galleries, movies …) using gesture and animation typical of these devices, creating a high scenic effect.

By leveraging the capabilities and features of a tablet, the product focus a lot on the graphics, going beyond the classical presentation of the catalog style PC or the Web.

Off-line: The application also works without an internet connection. You may decide that some data can be synchronized frequently via a GPRS connection, or only when you are connected to a network wireless or LAN.


Presentation of corporate reality
  • Screens presenting the company and its features with the option to include multimedia objects such as video and photo gallery
Client Management
  • Loading clients only managed by commercial / agent
  • Personal information management with geo-location capabilities
  • Sales statistics
Real-time messaging
  • Ability to send real-time messages to the sales network with Push Notifications
Catalog Management
  • Breakdown by category and sub-categories
  • Displaying products in graphical mode and listing mode
  • Presentation of technical product
  • Play multimedia objects like movies
List Management
  • Possibility of having different lists by customer type
  • Management of discounts
  • Management of quantities and sizes of packaging
Acceptance of orders
  • Shopping cart
  • Send / synchronization with ERP
Calendar visits management
  • Ability to manage the calendar visits customized for each agent
Visit report management
  • Possibility of making a customer visit report and share it with project managers
Multilanguage management

* This product is fully customizable and compatible with any existing management software

* Implement the same product on both current main tablet technologies – iPad and Android

* Ability to make mass marketing actions by sharing product catalogs, promotional iniciatives, …

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