Case Studies – Infotainment

Location: Venaria (Italy)

Scope: Infotainment

Role: software architecture, development and testing in

  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Network management middleware
  • Audio framework
  • Testing and validation

Project description:

  • implementation of graphical user interface, customization of SystemUI of Android Automotive 10, customization or re-implementation of typical automotive applications
  • design and implementation of HTML5 based HMI
  • design and software development of components in charge of configuring the platform network interfaces based on specific priorities and policies
  • architectural design, customer requirements elicitation and system / software requirements writing for the audio framework.
  • detail design DSP e guida tecnica dello sviluppo del framework audio.


O.S.: Linux embedded, Android Automotive

Location: Venaria (Italy)

Scope: Infotainment, Telematics


  • software architect (audio)
  • software development and maintenance of:
    • Debug Mode Manager
    • System Configuration / Coding
    • File Integrity Scanner (FIS)
    • Data Shredder

Project description:

  • software architecture for the definition of the design of the audio framework (use cases, component model, sequence diagrams), customer requirements elicitation and system / software requirements writing, detailed design, DSP design and technical leading across the whole development process, from conception to final delivery to the customer.
  • design, development and testing of the Debug Mode Manager component, in charge of enabling strict firewalling rules and of preventing a malicious intruders access.
  • design and development of FIS component, performing on demand integrity checks on a pre-determined list of entities in the filesystem in order to ensure their integrity and authenticity.
  • design, development and testing of the Data Shredder component in charge of erasing personal data from the platform in case of Car Sharing scenario at each driver’s change.
  • design, development and testing of components providing run-time configurations for many SW components running on the Infotainment platform.

O.S.: Embedded Linux

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