IoT & M.L.

IoT & Machine Learning

ZIRAK IoT & M.L. has developed several IoT (Internet of Things) and Machine Learning projects, from architectural analysis to the implementation of End-to-End solutions, using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques to offer innovative Predictive Maintenance solutions. A great business opportunity for all companies, to transform the digital processes and be up-to-date with the needs of nowadays cutting-edge technologies base market.

We have produced integrated platforms and algorithms for:

  • Automotive
  • Industry 4.0
  • Mobile to Machine
  • Logistics
  • Sustainability

Our solid experience and knowledge can easily be applied to other sectors such as:

  • Avionics
  • Railway
  • Biomedical
  • Monitoring of building structures

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Innovative Systems

The synergy established with largest Italian and international research institutes has allowed us to contribute as part of large European projects in cutting-edge technologies.

We have deepened our study of the cutting-edge technologies and platforms that we use on a daily basis:

Our added value:

  • Architectural analysis and development of turnkey projects
  • Neural network techniques applied to Big Data
  • Close collaboration with international research centres
  • Experience in European projects
  • Innovative solutions for the automotive, logistics and industrial sectors
  • Big Data management, prediction and estimation of residual useful life.

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